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24. Tom Jacobson (Debate, NFL)
25. Dob Baran (Debate, NFL)
26. Don Zebrauskas (Debate, NFL)
27. Mark Capinski (Drama, ITS, Drama, Speech)
28. Ted Gies (Drama, Speech)
29. Cindy Hart (Drama)
30. Kathy Baker (Speech, NFL)
31. Ralph Seymour (Speech, Drama, NFL)
32. Jon Matthews (Speech, Drama)
33. Bill Hastings (Speech, NFL, Drama, ITS)
35. Jeannie Mitchell (Drama, ITS)
36. John Cain (Speech, Drama)
37. Melinda Stinnet (Speech, NFL, President, Drama)
38. Sue Klucher (Speech, NFL)
39. Karen Kudlirka (Speech, Drama)
40. Carol Sowa (Speech)

41. Valerie Cragel (Drama)
42 (Carol Haduch (Speech, NFL, Drama)
43. Mike Wallace (Speech, NFL)
44. Dave Palenik (Drama, ITS)
45. Nancy Brockman (Drama)
46. Mary Jo Laur (Debate)
47. Dave Ridder (debate)
48. Keith Morlock (Debate, NFL)
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57. Debbie Maat (Speech, NFL, Debate, Drama)
58. Cathy Lininger (Drama)
59. Tom Peinkowski (Speech, NFL)
60. Elaine Cargel (Drama)
61. Debbie Watson (Drama, ITS)
62. Karen Miller (Drama)
63. Mary Cronin (Drama)
64. Terry Brown (Drama, ITS)
65. Larry Fields (Drama, President, ITS)


Kunka Kid Stinnett rehearses her state competition speech before a freshman class.

      The Communication Arts Organization encompassses those students involved in speech, drama, and debate. Although combined into one unit, each group works as a separate team. This year the speech team captured first at Conference, Districts, and Sectionals as well as advancing six students to the State finals. Also taking first place in Conference, the T.F.S tour play "The World We Live In" went on to place second in Districts and fourth in Sectionals, just short of qualifying for state competition. Under the supervision of a new coach, the debate team began to build and is looking forward to a bright new future.

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