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5.  Kay Mote		17. Melinda Stinnett	32. Ron Relic
6.  Peter Zych 		18. Karen Wall		33. Becky Hill
7.  Sue Klucher		19. Pam Miller		34. Karen Krygier
8.  Sue Marsteller	20. Joyce Yellina	35. Debbie Sowinski
			21. Kathy Baker		36. Joan McDonald
			22. John Fisher		37. Glen Cox
			23. Jan Ambry		38. Joe Schmitz

Carol Michalak and Bruce Miller

Carol Michalak presents Mr. Bruce Miller with an Honorary Membership into the Society of the November assembly.

      One of the highest academic privileges and honors one can receive at T. F. South is that of being elected into the National Honor Society. On November 18, 1970, forty-seven new members of the Ruth Hale Canaga Chapter of the Society were installed before an assembly of honor students. Chosen for their high standards of Charcter, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service, the new members joined the ten seniors who were chosen in their junior year. Together, the members attempt to instill the standards for which they were elected into the rest of the student body. The Tutoring Program which NHS provides helps to accomplish this objective.

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