More DRAMA at T. F. South

Ralph Seymour & John Cain
The Vagarant, played by Ralph Seymour explains to John Cain, who portays the Professor, that he is "...just a man."


A clique of flighty female butterflies successfully divert Felix from his main interest, Iris, as he recites his poetry to them.

John Matthews

John Matthews in his role of Dictator of the Ants, shouts commands to his subjects.

ant soldiers

The ant-soldiers, preparing for war, heed the final instructions of the Commander.

Mr Veeder and Mr. Phillips offer direction

In a post-rehearsal meeting, the cast listens to the critiques of directors, Mr. Veeder and Mr. Phillips.

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This is the electronic version of the 1971 Postscript yearbook from Thornton Fractional South in Lansing, IL

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