Achievement is a big word. It entails different meanings to different people. To some it may mean the accumulation of great financial wealth, but to others, success may be judged by the respect and esteem a person attains by his contributions and devotions to his fellow men. To not only win the admiration and respect of young adults, but also that of his peers is truly an achievement.
    T. F. South has known such a man. By sharing the knowledge he has accumulated throughout his life and the forty six years of his teaching career, he has reached and enlightened the lives of students and faculty alike.
    After receiving his bachelor's degree at Illinois State University, he taught at Wentworth Grade school and advanced to the position of principal at Lincoln School in Calumet City, He then transferred his services to T.F. South and progressed to become the head of the Biology Department.
    He displayed his feelings for involvement by his many activities such as swimming and football coaching; he conveyed his academic accomplishments by being named the President of Cook County's Illinois Educational Association. His proficiency with photography has gained him the status of being one of the top forty photographers in the world.
    His presense and involvement in school life has been of great happiness and value to many Rebels. South will not seem complete without his friendly encouraging smile, his concern for all his comprehensive knowledge.
    Deserving of such a lasting tribute from his school and friends. . . We Dedicate the 1971 Postscript to you, Mr Bruce Miller

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