1969 Faculty Alex-DeMik TFS Postscript Yearbook p105

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Miss Helena Alex - Business - B.S. Chicago State College

Mrs. Barbara Altum - Librarian - B.S. Illinois State University

Mr. Major Altum - Industrial Arts - B.S., M.S. Illinois State University

Mr. William Anderson - Physical Education - B.S. Western Illinois University

Mr. Charles Augenstein - Mathematics - B.S. Illinois State University  

Mrs. Ann M . Bach - Guidance - B.A. St. Joseph's College M.S. Indiana University  

Mrs. Cora Belle Beare - Social Studies - A. B. Phillips University M.A. University of Oklahoma  

Mr. William Beckwith - Physical Education - B. S. Ball State University  

Miss Mary Beyer - Spanish - B.A. Illinois State University  

Mrs. Mildred R. Binstock - English - B.S. University of Illinois  

Mrs. Ruth Blackadder - Physical Education - B.S. University of Wisconsin  

l Mr. Nick P. Bobis - Social Studies - B.S., M.S. Illinois State University  

Mrs. Juan Borich - Physical Education - B.S. Eastern Illinois University  

Mr. Ernest Brandon - Music - B.M.E. North Central College M.M. Northwestern University  

Mrs. Roberta Breyfoglc - Mathematics - B.E. Chicago Teachers College  

Mr. Thomas H. Chocklcy - German - B.A. Knox College M.S. Northern Illinois University

Mr. Richard T. Cooper - Social Studies - B.S. Indiana University  

Mr. Ollie Cromwell - Physical Education - B.S. Central Oklahoma University  

Mr. Kenneth Dahlsten - Reading - B.S., M.S. Indiana University  

Mrs. Frances DeMik - Guidance - B.A. University of Illinois Special: Loyola, University of Chicago, and Indiana University


This is the HTML version of the 1969 Postscript Yearbook for Thornton Fractional South High School in Lansing, Illinois.
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