MEMORIAL JUNIOR HIGH 1967 - Student Council

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In Row 1 I think I see unknown, Lester Crawl, Kathy Kreps, Scott Dugan, Debbie Bauer, unknown, Gail Walker. In Row 2 I think I see unknown, unknown, Rick Parker, unknown, Bill reid, unknown, unknown, Lynda Willer, unknown. In Row 3 I think I see unknown, Don Zebrauskas, unknown, Laurel Zimmer, Pamela Mills, Jeanne Mitchell, unknown.

Pictured above is "The Flash" staff with its editor, Doug Cutler.
Sitting I think are Kathy Kreps, Doug Cutler, and Diane Galanis. Standing I think are Karen Giles, unknown, Joyce Yellina, unknown, unknown, Neil Haught, Unknown, Ralph Flood, unknown, Effie Smith, and Lynda Willer.

The Girls' Athletic Club has the largest number of members of any organization at Memorial.
Pictured are unknown, unknown, unknown, Vickie Babe, Kathy Baker, Jeanne Mitchell, unknown.

Mr. Damron and his Patrol Boys stop to pose for a picture before moving to their posts of duty.
In the front row I think I see Robert Linke, and in the back row I think I see Dale Zentz.

This is the digital version on the 1967 Memo from Memorial Junior High School in Lansing, Illinois
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