Memorial Junior High School 1966 Memo

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Cheerleaders help add to the school and Team Spirit. [Vickie Babe and Rhonda Pauling are two of the cheerleaders pictured here.]

Pep Rally. [I recognise Scott Dugan far left bottom.]

Those cheering the team on victory are STANDING (L to R): Diane Peterlich, and Rhonda Pauling. FIRST ROW: Debra Bauer, Jeanne Grindey, Sandi Magraw, Vicki Babe

[Sitting are ?, Jeanne Mitchell, Kathy Kreps, ?] [Standing are Diane Peterlich, Debra Bauer, Nancy Magraw, Jeanne Grindey, Vicky Babe, Rhonda Pauling.]

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Vickie Babe Rhonda Pauling
This looks like Scott Dugan Pep Rally
Diane Peterlich Debra Bauer Jeane Grindey Sandy Magraw Vicky Babe Rhonda Pauling Cheerleaders
Jeanne Mitchell Kathy Kreps Diane Peterlich Debbie Bauer sandy magraw Vickie Babe Rhonda Pauling