Memorial Junior High School 1966 Memo

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Members of Dramatics Club at Work: Bob Risberg, Kathy Flynn, Flora Krock, Carey Poe, Mike Gericke, Yvonne Dickens, Dan LeMonier.

Patrol Supervisor, Mr. Damron and Captain Kent Salvage receive capable assistance from their group of patrol boys in assuring the safety of Memorial's students going to and from school. [Pictured here are Mr. Damron, Kent Salvage, Steve Tobey, Dale Zentz, Robert Abbott, Ricky Perovich?, and possibly Alan Broomhead?]

The Girls athletics club is one of the largest and mostr active organizations in school. It affords all girls an opportunity to participate in intramurals and activities which they are unable to take part in during gym class; such as bowling, horseback riding, etc. Pictured are the eighteen representatives and officers who do much in planning the activities. [Among those pictured here are Janet Neumann, Cheryl Somes, Brenda Jabaay?, Diane Peterlic, Rhonda Pauling, Karen Dremonas, JoAnn Crouch, Kathryn Kreps, Laurie Steinbach, Possibly Carol Deichen, Sandy Magraw?, Yvonne Connor?] [Use your mouse to see who's who]

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Bob Risberg Kathy Flynn Flora Krock Carey Poe Mike Gericke? Yvonne Dickens Dan LeMonier? Dramatics Club
Mr. Damron Kent Salvage Steve Tobey Dale Zentz is deceased Robert Abbott is deceased Ricky Perovich? This looks like Alan Broomhead without glasses
Janet Neumann Cheryl Somes? Brenda Jabaay? Diane Peterlich Rhonda Pauling Karen Dremonas is deceased JoAnn Crouch? Kathryn Kreps? Laurie Steinbach? Possibly Carol Deichen? Sandy Magraw? Yvonne Connor?