Memorial Junior High School 1966 Memo

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Student Council Representatives with officers Don Jayne, President; Grant Oppenhuis, Vice-President; and Chris Begley, secretary Treasurer, are representing the entire student body in the affairs of student government First Row: Tom Moran, Rhonda Pauling, David Palenik?, Jean Lively, Don Jayne, girl, Jack Rossman, girl, Holingsworth Second Row: girl, Carey Poe, Diane Peterlich, girl, Scott Highland, Donna Traver, Chris Begley, Lady, Man, boy, girl, Mike Manno, girl, boy, girl, girl.



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Tom Moran Rhonda Pauling Unknown Jean Lively lived across the street from me on Greenbay. She used to practice the baton quite a bit in her front yard. Don Jayne - President Looks familiar - I'll figure it out eventually Jack Rossman - a good friend of Glenn Gustafson for a while I wanna say Pamela Miller One of the Hollingsworth twins Carey Poe Diane Peterlich Scott Highland Donna Traver Chris Begley lived two doors down from me on Greenbay Diane Galanis Mike Manno Lester Crawl right?
Barbara Esau Anita Smith? Looks a bit like Sherry Orban? Effie Smith was in my 6th grade class Looks very familiar Deborah Hockenberry was in my 6th grade class Is this Barb Smirnoitis? Holly Feemster actually liked me briefly in Eisenhower Linda Jansma an I were in 6th grade together Her name is on the tip of my tongue Debra Bauer Marilou Van Laningham