Janet Tatje

I wonder if she remembers...

Janet Tatje: Janet Detmar lookalike?     I wonder if Janet remembers the time that Adrienne Pranske and I went to pick her up to bring her to a party at Marian's house. This was shortly before Christmas in 1972. On the way to the party they sang along with "He's so Vain" on the radio. I always admired Janet for her cool personality. She somehow seemed different than many other girls. I also remember bringing her home. We talked about David Bowie on the way back, and she was the only person I knew who had even heard of David Bowie. I had just recently purchased his SPACE ODDITY album and was telling her about it. She told me to buy the album with "Changes" on it. She even sang part of the song for me. Not long after that, I did exactly that. I also wonder if she remembers how once, at a LanOak pool dance (in the tennis courts) I came up to her from behind and put my arm around her waist. She turned around like she was going to slap me, but surprisingly, when she saw it was only me, she didn't. Oh, I also remember seeing her at the IDES OF MARCH concert at South. That must have been 1972 after I graduated. I'm not sure but I think she got a ride home from Duane Hansen in his Z-28 with Adrienne P. I know that I rode home with Marian Z in Glenn G's Z-28. Yep, they both had Camaros. IDES OF MARCH performed with CROW, who was so-so. (Picture From Page 134 of the 1971 Yearbook.)

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