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8. Carrie Halsey (FNA)
9. Diane Grenko (FNA)
10. Diane Miller (FNA)
11. Sharon Kubic (FNA)
12. Marilyn Vickers (FTA)

   ROW 2
20. Laurel Smith (FBLA)
21. Regis Gilman (FBLA)
22. Tina Demetris (FTA)
23. Debbie Watson (FNA)
24. Denise Tubich (FNA)
25. Mary Sebahar (FTA)
26. Kathy Richardson (FTA)
27. Bicky Davis (FNA)

   ROW 3
37. Carol Sowa
38. Joan Bultge (FBLA)
39. Kathy Varga (FTA;FBLA)
40. Sherry Gravel (FBLA)
41. Lillian Wanshula (FNA)
42. Carol Benson (FNA)
43. Sue Fehlberg (FTA)
44. Marcy Schultz (FTA)

FTA President Cindy Blank standing

FTA President Cindy Blank outlines plans for Future Teacher Week.

Future Business Leaders of America
Future Teachers of America, and
Future Nurses of America

    FTA, or Future Teachers of America, had a busy schedule for the '70-'71 school year. The officers attended a planning meeting for LAFTA, the state organization in the fall. The members were involved in the Saturday Saturation Program, and in student teaching at the area grade schools. Only junior and senior girls with a "C" average or better could participate.
    The Future Nurses of America visited several hospitals during the year, went toboganning, and at Christmas, bought gift certificates for two needy families. The meetings often had guest speakers, among them a Navy nurse and a veternarian.
    FBLA, The Future Business Leaders of America, again sponsored a successful Homecoming Dance, "A Time for Us." During the year they had guest speakers at the monthy meetings to learn more about business careers.

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