Pam Miller and Terri Evans

Prom Night

   "The winter nights, those quiet nights, when lovers walk hand in hand...they will have these moments to remember." The evening of December 5 offered such a reverie to many young couples as they attended the 1970 Girl's Club Dance, "Moments to Remember." Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Beare, the girls created a winter wonderland of gay Christmas trees, glistening icicles, twinkling stars, and contented couples. The music provided by "The Sonics" sent many lovers home with beautiful memories of a special night.

LEFT: Amid the winter wonderland they helped to create, Girls Club President Pam Miller, Chairman Terri Evans, and their escorts pause to preserve a memory.
  BOTTOM RIGHT: Dan Johnson and Darlene Clausins share some "Moments to Remember."

Under a canopy of stars

Under a canopy of stars, quixotic couples dance to a gentile seranade by "The Sonics."

Dan Johnson and Darlene Clausins

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This is the electronic version of the 1971 Postscript yearbook from Thornton Fractional South in Lansing, IL

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