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Oops, that link may have been disabled or removed. Or, you may simply have misspelled something. This website so far is for the four TFS yearbooks from 1968, 1969, 1970 and 1971. Also available are the WIU yearbooks from 1972 thru 1976. Recommendation: Click the Back Button or see links below. If you would like your yearbook added, please see the price chart below. Prices include the scanning of your yearbook and posting on spiralblue.net. For $15 (per year) extra you can have your own domain name pointing towards your yearbook. Email spiralblue@yahoo.com if you are interested.

$2 per page @ 150 DPI, no OCR (DPI= Dots Per Inch Resolution; OCR= Optical Character Recognition)

$3 per page @ 300 DPI, *with* OCR. (Advantage: Names and text on your pages can be found by all internet search engines)
$4 per page @ 300 DPI, with OCR and an index created. (A typical yearbook might have 1500 names with 4000 links to their photos)
$5 per page @ 300 DPI, with OCR, index, and each photo cropped individually - except underclass mug pages.
$7 per page @ 300 DPI, with all of the above plus face tagging. (If a visitor hovers his mouse over a face, he easily sees the name of the student rather than having to hunt for the name in the caption below the photo)
$10per page @ 300 DPI, with all of the above plus underclassmen mug pages are also cropped. (Each name will appear below photo)
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