A mysterious god whispers its esoteric message to Kathy Koch and Mike Homco.

71 Creates African Mystique

The night was young and beautiful as hundreds of elegantly dressed couples rambled through bamboo huts into an African Mystique, the 1970 prom. Couples entering the ballroom were greeted by a huge African god who held vigil over a mysterious, dimly lit jungle filled with colorful tropical plants and palm trees. A waterfall trickled down a plush mountainside, while across the tropical paradise, a celestial treehouse lined with Zebra skins was transformed into a powder room. Lush vines drifted from above, the azure sky encompassing the dancing couples in the mystique of an African night. Queen Robin Tiltges and King Don Rieces reigned over the tropical kingdom which was created by the class of '71 under co-chairman Peggy Jensen and Scott Malcom. African Mystique was truly a beautiful and bewitching prom to remember.

1970 Prom Court

The 1970 prom court gathers around newly crowned Queen Robin Tiltges and King Don Riecss. Left to right they are -- Ed Fouts, JoAnn Ditter, Kathy Archer, Kevin Baldwin, Don, Robin, Jim Sonntag, Paula Dublak, Dave Hollingsworth, and Joanna Zupancic,

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