1969 Faculty Martin-Scanlon TFS Postscript p108

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Mrs. Sliirl Martin - Special Education - B.S. Indiana State University

Mr. Robert J. Maxeiner - Physical Education - B.S., M.S. Washington University

Mr. Richard D. Menozi - Speech - B.S. Illinois State University

Mrs. Richard Menozi - Home Economics - B.S. Illinois State University

Mr. Bruce Miller - Biology - B.Ed. Illinois State- University M.S. Indiana University  

Mr. David M. Miller - Mathematics - B.S. Valparaiso University M.A.T. Indiana University  

Mr. Ed Miller - Chemistry - B.S. Ball State University  

Miss Patricia Minneman - English - B.S. Indiana University  

Mr. Dennis Mlynarcik - English - B.S. Purdue University  

Mr. Verne Morris - Social Studies - B.A. Eureka College M.A. University of Wisconsin  

Mrs. Catherine Muehling - English - B.A. Wartburg College  

Miss Marty Newcomer - Business - B.S. Ball State University  

Mr. Dennis J. Norman - Business - B.S. Missouri State College  

Mr. Jerome O'Drobinak - English - B.S. Indiana University  

Mr. Lawrence O'Mara - Social Studies - B.A. St. Joseph's College  

Mrs. Thomas Petree - English - B.A. Southwestern Texas State College

Mr. R. J. Phillips - English - B.A. Eureka College M.A. University of Illinois Special: Candidate for Ph.D. University of Illinois  

Mr.Keith M. Reifel - Mathematics - B.S. Illinois State University  

Miss Elsa Rosenak - Physical Education - B.S. Indiana University M.S. University of Wisconsin  

Mr. Thomas Scanlan - Physical Education - B.S. Purdue University

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This is the HTML version of the 1969 Postscript Yearbook for Thornton Fractional South High School in Lansing, Illinois.
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